The GBA is seeking two men called to be church revitalization pastors for a 30-week church revitalization residency program.

GBA Church Revitalization Residency Program

During the 30-week program, residences will:

  1.  Learn the Biblical definition and mandates concerning pastoring the Church, with special attention being paid to personal and churchwide evangelism, shepherding the flock, prayer, preaching God’s Word.
  2.  Know the significance of personal soul and family care by learning and applying strategies to protect themselves and their families from Satan’s attempts to harm them while leading the revitalization of a struggling church.
  3.  Develop a Biblically focused, multi-year strategy for leading a plateaued or at-risk church through the process of revitalization.
  4.  Comprehend the Biblical characteristics of a healthy church.
  5.  Receive personal training from pastors and church leaders in the areas of preaching development, pastoral care, administration, and leadership development.
  6.  Be exposed to applying leadership development skills by rotating through the following areas:
    •  Children and Preschool Ministry
    • Student Ministry  
    • Worship Ministry 
    • Discipleship Ministry 

The residency is a nine-month program with pay, beginning in September 3, 2020 and ending May 5, 2021.

The candidate whould be in their second year of graduate work or higher. Click here to apply. 

For more information , contact Al Phillips ([email protected]) or Ryan Holtzclaw ([email protected]) with any questions.  

GBA Church Revitalization Residency Job Description

GBA Church Revitalization Residency Job Application

The GBA also provides training throughout the year for our churches and their leadership teams.

GBA Church Revitalization Training Resources

Dr. Terry Lanford with Entrusted to Teach served as a Revitalization Strategist.  He developed the following resources that are available for our churches to use:

Protecting Your Ministry

Has your church proactively sought to establish policies and procedures to address the challenges of today’s culture?  Do you have a plan to protect your members from harm?  Do your current bylaws and policies help protect your ministry from a lawsuit?

Developing a Stewardship Strategy

This resource is designed to help Pastors, staff members, and church leaders develop an annual stewardship emphasis that will be used by the Lord to lead believers to respond to His agenda for financial stewardship. Training topics include prayer, discovering your theme, creating a stewardship task force, developing a calendar of milestones, and creating a culture of stewardship. Methods for communicating and casting vision through sermons, lessons, video spots, and testimonies will also be addressed. Tips and practical ideas for strategic budget planning that will help your church channel resources to support the mission and ministries of your church will also be shared.

First Impressions

What’s the first impression guests have about your church?  Have you considered how their experience looks through their eyes?  First impressions matter because people matter.  We hope people will return so that they will hear truth from the Word of God and if they are  not already, that they become fully devoted followers of Christ.

Contact Terry Lanford at [email protected] for more information about these materials.