Reaching Greenville


As followers of Jesus, we want to share his Good News with others.  We create access to the gospel through a variety of ministries.  There is an estimated 350,000 people who are not connected to any church live in Greenville county.  And an additional 200,000 more people are expected to move here in the next 20 years.   The 100+ GBA churches are working to create access to the gospel and reach their communities.


Baptist Campus Ministry

BCM exists to create access to the gospel among the students at Greenville Tech and Furman University.

Blue in the Zoo

Blue in the Zoo is an annual event that shows our love and support for our law enforcement communities.

Deaf Ministry

The deaf population around the world is classified as an Unreached People Group by our International Mission Board.  That can also be said of the deaf population in Greenville.  We create access to the gospel for our deaf communities through:

  • Sponsoring a Day Camp each summer for deaf children and children of deaf adults.
  • Our Deaf Church
  • Additional church-based deaf ministries.
Disaster Relief

We operate a mud-out/flood relief unit.  We work in cooperation with the South Carolina Baptist Convention (SCBC) and American Red Cross when responding to a disaster situation.  Volunteers must be trained to work with a unit.  Training is made available through the SCBC.

Ethnic Diversity

Greenville is listed as one of the top 100 most ethnically diverse areas in the nation.  Our language congregations are constantly seeking ways to reach them.  For a list of our language congregations, click here.

Ministry Kits

Similar to prisoner packets, these basic toiletry supplies meet needs and provide numerous ministry opportunities. They are collected in the Spring of each year. A list of items to include in the kit will be posted on the website.

Prison Ministry

Churches work with the chaplain at Perry Correctional Facility as well as South Carolina Department of Corrections for ministry among the inmates and families. To know more about how your church can be involved in ministry at Perry, contact the chaplain’s office at (864) 243-4712.

We participate in the Christmas Prisoner Packet ministry each year by providing at least 1,500 packets from our churches. A current list of supplies for the packets will be posted on our website.

The H.U.B.

The HUB stands for Help, Unify and Bless. It is a network of churches across the county and area ministries such as CEF, FCA, Christian Learning Centers of Greenville and others, working together to reach our schools. We want to see every high school in our county, and the middle and elementary schools that feed them, adopted but by networks of local churches who will work together to serve those schools, share the gospel, and bring its claims to bear on those communities.

No one church could operate a Good News Club in the elementary schools, a released time program and FCA huddle for the middle and high school, provide mentors and care for the needs of thousands of students and serve all the faculty and staff of all the schools alone. However, a network of a dozen churches could do all these things strategically and intentionally. In fact, this model is already operating in Greenville.

We have launched several local HUBs.  Learn more at To discover how you can help launch a HUB in your area or to join an existing HUB, contact Al Phillips at [email protected].

Westside Crisis Center

The center exist to show the love of Christ through meeting basic human needs. They are staffed by volunteers, and funded through donations.

Westside Center:

Phone:  (864) 271-781

Location:  301 Woodside Avenue, Greenville 29611


For more information about any of these ministries, please contact our office at (864) 242-4330.