The Greenville Baptist Association exists to create access to the gospel for all – starting here!  We create access by Reaching the Unreached, Revitalizing Existing Churches, and Reproducing New Churches.  Your generosity enables us to do just that!

4 ways to give to GBA:
< class="collapseomatic " id="id66247681abfc7" tabindex="0" title="<strong>1. Give online here.</strong>" >1. Give online here.

Online giving is available on our website!  You will find the online giving portal under our GIVE menu option on our website.

You can make a secure, one-time, or recurring gift by clicking the link below and following the simple instructions!  Be sure to create an account for ease of access.  For enhanced security, you’ll verify your identity with your cell phone number.


< class="collapseomatic " id="id66247681ac099" tabindex="0" title="<strong>2</strong><strong>. Give using our new GBA app.</strong>" >2. Give using our new GBA app.
    1. Go to Apple’s App Store or Google Play.
    2. Search for Ministry One and find “Church by MinistryOne”.
    3. Enter Greenville Baptist Association in the search bar of MinistryOne.
    4. Download the app to your phone!

You will have the opportunity to GIVE online, register for upcoming events, and much more!

< class="collapseomatic " id="id66247681ac0f5" tabindex="0" title="<strong>3</strong><strong>. Text GIVE to 864-894-2422.</strong>" >3. Text GIVE to 864-894-2422.

Securely make a gift by texting GIVE to 864-894-2422.  You will be asked to register if it is your first time.  Don’t forget to save our giving number on your phone!  You can always text EDIT to update your information, set up a recurring gift, and check the status of a gift.

All sensitive financial information is stored with the highest bank-level security.  Your phone number will never be sold, traded, or given to third parties.  You will only be texted to confirm your giving.

< class="collapseomatic " id="id66247681ac140" tabindex="0" title="<strong>4</strong><strong>. Mail checks to GBA.</strong>" >4. Mail checks to GBA.

Our mailing address is:

Greenville Baptist Association

4100 East North Street

Greenville, SC 29615

Please include the GBA Contribution Form with your check made payable to Greenville Baptist Association.

What is the best way to give to GBA?

  • Set up a recurring transaction.  Choosing this option helps you stay consistent with your giving.  Your gift is processed on a schedule you choose.
  • Use a bank account.  Withdrawing from a bank account lowers our processing fee substantially.  While we accept Credit/Debit cards, we encourage you to select Bank Account when possible.
  • Don’t go into debt!  We do not wish to see anyone go into debt by giving on a credit card.