New England Partnership Projects

New England Vision Trip

April 24-28, 2023

Cost: $1,200.00/person*

Our commitment to New England Baptists is to help them plant 3 churches in 10 years. This trip is designed to assist in the process of determining the 3rd church plant.

This team will be comprised of 6-8 pastors or missions leaders from our churches who will explore new areas of ministry in New England.

New England Vision Trip activities will include:

  • Meeting with Send Boston and Send New England leaders.
  • Meeting with potential church planters.
  • Visiting priority locations.

Our prayer is that we will have a clear understanding of our next church planter and location for our third church plant.

March 15: $500 A non-refundable deposit is due

April 10: remaining balance is due

Mission Bunker Hill

June 8-12, 2023

Cost: $1,160.00/person*

Our church planter, JD Mangrum, at Christ Church Charlestown, MA, organizes this project to serve Charlestown during their annual Bunker Hill Day Parade and festivities. We are looking for 20+ people to help them engage their community. Families are welcome!

Mission Bunker Hill activities will include:

  • Assisting with parade preparations.
  • Handing out goodie bags during the parade.
  • Having gospel conversations
  • Pulling floats through the parade
  • Assisting with a block party the night before the parade.
  • Assisting Boston’s Send Relief Center in its urban ministries.

Our prayer is that we will help Christ Church Charlestown create access to the gospel in their community.

April 6: $500 non-refundable deposit is due

June 1: remaining balance is due

Mission Olneyville

July 21-28, 2023

Cost: $1,620.00/person*

This team will work with our church planter, Hender Padron, at Iglesia Puerta de Esperanza in Olneyville, RI with their Kids Club ministry. Since this community is largely Hispanic, Spanish-speaking skills are beneficial for the team members. However, the ability to speak Spanish is not required to go on the trip. We are looking for 8-10 people for this team. High school and college students are welcome!

Mission Olneyville activities will include:

  • Engaging the community through prayer walking and gospel conversations.
  • Assisting community children with crafts.
  • Leading sports activities
  • Assisting with the Movie Night in the Riverside Park.

Our prayer is that we can help Puerta de Esperanza meet people, promote the church, and share Jesus in their community.

June19: $500 non-refundable is due

July 10: remaining balance is due

* Costs include airfare, lodging, and meals. They are subject to change based on airfare and lodging expenses available when reservations are made.

2023 New England Project Application

For more information about our 2023 New England Projects, contact Joel Thrasher at 864-242-4330 or email [email protected].