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Make plans to join us as we discuss strategies that can help your church Reach the Unreached, Revitalize Existing Churches, and Reproduce New Churches.

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Our break out sessions will include:

  • Around the Corner with Todd Alewine, Director of Around the Corner Ministries

Most Christians aren’t confident sharing Jesus with unbelieving neighbors. Todd will present a simple, biblical strategy that helps you engage your neighborhood/workplace with the gospel, so you can live out the Great Commission right where God has placed you!

  • Church Planting Strategy with Joel Thrasher, Missions Strategist of Greenville Baptist Association

Learn the where and why of the Greenville Baptist Association’s priority locations for new church plants.

  • Come and See with Al Phillips, Director of Missions of Greenville Baptist Association

In John 1:46, when Philip met Jesus, he invited Nathaniel to “come and see” Jesus.  A simple invitation is still the easiest tool for reaching the unreached. In this breakout, we will learn how to use events to reach the people with the gospel.

  • First Impressions with Terry Lanford, Director of Entrusted to Teach

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.  This breakout will give you valuable tips for how to insure guests return after a first visit. Learn how to organize your church to make a great first impression on your guests and how to follow up on those who visit.

  • Leveraging the Internet for Ministry with Travis Agnew, Pastor of Rocky Creek Baptist Church

Most people visit a church’s website before they visit a church’s campus.  If people investigate your church on the internet, what would they find?  In this session, learn some practical principles that any church can use to leverage the internet for ministry.

  • Planning One Year at a Time with Condy Richardson, Pastor of Fountain Inn First Baptist Church

How to implement an annual theme in your church by intentionally aligning your church’s mission, vision, and core values through corporate worship, small group studies, and scheduled events.

  • Preaching to Reach the Next Generation with Ben Brammer, Assistant Professor of Christian Studies of Clamp Divinity School

You may have no worries about communicating biblical truth to your own generation. However, do you feel differently about doing so to the next generation? In this session, you will be challenged and encouraged in ways that will improve your technique, sermon content, and delivery in order to more effectively appeal to younger generations without compromising biblical truth.

  • Reaching People Who Are Not Like Us with Will Broadus, Pastor of Reconcile Community Church

What happens when the neighborhood around the church is different from the people in the church?  How do you share the gospel with people who are not like you?  Learn how to reach people who may be a different race or socio-economic group or generation.

  • Reaching the Nations Among Us with Tim and Jody Cross, Evangelism Catalysts of North American Mission Board

God is bringing the world to our own backyard! Who are refugees and how do we engage them with the Gospel? How can we as a church body be involved with ministry to “the least of these” coming from the most unreached areas of the world?

  • Revisioning The Church with Al Phillips, Director of Missions of Greenville Baptist Association

Proverbs 29:11 says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”  Does your church have a clear vision for the future and a plan for getting there?  This session will help you discover the path to a fresh vision for your church.

  • Revitalization Strategies for The Church Part I and II with James Nugent, Church Plant Strategist of South Carolina Baptist Convention

Churches are facing new challenges in their communities. Their worship attendance is decreasing, their membership is aging, finances are dwindling, and new families aren’t joining the church. How can a church in today’s culture still fulfill the Great Commission? These sessions will introduce real options for churches seeking to bring new life and strength to their congregation.

  • Revitalizing the Church Through Dynamic Sunday School with Terry Lanford, Director of Entrusted to Teach

Sunday School is still the most effective tool in most churches for making disciples.  This session will help you rediscover this often forgotten and underutilized tool for reaching people, maturing them in the faith and mobilizing the church to serve Christ by serving others.

  • The Power of Your Story with Matthew Elrod, Pastor of Origins Church

As we draw closer and closer to becoming a truly Post-Christian society, we have to think well about how we share the Gospel. If you are a Christ follower, you have been equipped to share the Good News! The Gospel can be found in your Story! We will discuss the why and how of sharing your story for not only conveying the Gospel to a world in desperate need, but also as a means of Worship.

  • Three Circles Gospel Presentation with Tim Vaughn, Pastor of Monaghan Church

Learn how to use this simple gospel presentation to reach people for Christ.  This can become your church’s go-to tool for evangelism.  Simple, organic and easy to use.

  • Turning Your Church Inside Out with Wayne Bray, Lead Pastor of First Baptist Church of Simpsonville

The only hope for a world turned upside down is a church turned inside out? Our 3R session will help you discover five simple steps every church can take toward greater kingdom impact. This will be a tool your team can use on day one to bring needed change in your ministry practice and vision.

  • Would your Church Survive? with Bert Ross, Chief Human Resource Officer of South Carolina Baptist Convention

Considering all the news concerning the #MeToo movement and the pending changes in wage and hourly regulations and how to classify your staff, would you survive an investigation from the DOL, EEOC or IRS?  We will cover several quick wins and what you must have in place in your employee and volunteer practices.