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What is the Annual Church Profile?  

Every year the Southern Baptist Convention goes through a data collection process of all its churches.  Your ACP is a report of vital information specifically about your church for a 12-month period.  Think of it like an annual medical health check-up for your church.


How does my church complete its ACP?

An email has been sent to the ACP contact we have on file for your church.  If you have not received an email containing login/password information, please contact Anna Richardson ([email protected]) immediately to get instructions for filling out these surveys.


Why is this important?

Combined over several years, these surveys give a historical snapshot of your church.  Pastoral candidates request this type of information when they are considering new church positions.  The GBA uses this information when analyzing revitalization and church planting efforts.  The SCBC uses this information when allocating resources.  Without current data from your church, our information is incomplete and inaccurate.

Do not hesitate to call our office at (864) 242-4330 if you need any assistance.