The Greenville Baptist Association is made up of 115 churches who have voluntarily partnered together to do more than any one church could do alone.  The GBA is not just a staff of denominational workers in an office but all the people of all our churches.  Together, we make up the Greenville Baptist Association.
We exist for the sake of FAME
·         Fellowship – We come together to encourage and strengthen one another.
·         Accountability – We hold each other accountable for doctrine and practice.
·         Missions – We work together to make disciples among the unreached peoples of the earth.
·         Evangelism – We share Christ unashamedly from Greenville to the ends of the earth.
Our Acts 1:8 Strategy
Our strategy is based on what Jesus said, “You will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come on you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” – Acts 1:8 (HCSB)
We will reach the unreached, revitalize our existing churches and reproduce new churches here in Greenville (Jerusalem), North America (Judea-Samaria) and overseas (the ends of the earth). We do this here in Greenville via a wide array of training in sharing our faith, developing leadership and equipping our churches to share Christ in their communities.  We reach out to the community with association-wide events designed to serve people and share the gospel. 
We reproduce new churches here in Greenville each year with a careful strategy that prioritizes areas or groups with little access to the gospel.  These may include ethnic people groups who have settled in Greenville.  We have established a church-planting partnership with the New England Baptist Convention and have committed to plant three new churches in ten years in one of the most unreached places in North America, where up to 98% of the population is unchurched.  Our first church planter is JD Mangrum.  He and his family will plant a church in Charlestown, just across the bay from Boston, in 2017. 
We will adopt an unreached people group in SE Asia in 2017 and GBA will partner with a Southern Baptist missionary to reach this people group with the gospel.  We will send teams to the other side of the world from our churches to reach the unreached with the good news of Jesus Christ. 
Partnering With GBA
Your church can partner with the GBA by participating in the training and events and meetings of the association.  There are quarterly Executive Committee meetings where we celebrate what God is doing here and take care of important business.  We have an Annual Meeting each October where we worship and share what God has done in us and through us that year.  There are a wide variety of training and outreach events throughout the year. 
You can partner by praying faithfully for the other churches and work of our association and our leaders on the staff.  You can keep up with what God is doing here and pray for the many projects designed to reach the unreached, revitalize churches and reproduce new churches.
You can partner by giving to both our annual operating budget and to our Glocal Missions Fund.  The budget supports the operating expenses of the GBA and the staff.  Churches typically give up to 3% of their income to the local association.  The Glocal Missions Fund is designed to raise money for our missions efforts such as supporting new church plants and revitalization projects.  Churches give to this by designating money from their budgets or by taking up special offerings.  Some take up offerings each spring during Associational Emphasis Week while other take up offerings quarterly for this special fund.  Every penny of money raised goes directly to our church plants and revitalization projects and missions work in SE Asia.
You can partner with GBA by joining the association.  If your church is not a part of a local association, there is a simple process to follow to join with us.  If you share our vision and want to be part of something bigger to build the kingdom of God, why not consider joining with us.  Contact us today to find out how you can start the process by calling (864)242-4330.