The challenge of church revitalization is immense. 80% of our churches are plateaued or declining. Up to 4,000 churches a year close in the US.  More than 8,000 churches baptized no one last year. These same trends are true of Greenville SC.  We are committed to strengthening our existing churches.  Our motto is No Church Left Behind.  Here are just a few of the opportunities/resources offered.

The GBA Center for Church Revitalization assists churches that have plateaued or declined in our association.  We assist by developing strategies for these churches to reconnect with their mission of sharing the Good News in their communities.  Our Revitalization Team is comprised of GBA Pastors and SC Baptist Convention staff who have a vision for helping struggling churches identify key points of community engagement, serve their local schools, and meet physical needs in their communities.  To find out more about the GBA Center for Church Revitalization, click here.

GBA’s Center for Church Revitalization has funding available to assist churches in need of revitalization to create access to the gospel for all within the church’s community.

Revitalization Grant Request Form

Pastor Small Groups

Our pastor and staff small groups are designed for fellowship, spiritual accountability and leadership development.  We meet in groups across the association.  We spend time at each meeting with accountability, iron sharpening iron.  Then, we study a book or a book of the Bible and pray together. To join a group, contact Al Phillips in the office at 242-4330.

Ministers/Spouses Event

This is a fun night of fellowship and inspiration for all our ministers and their spouses designed to help us get to know each other better.  It is a relaxed night with lots of laughter and great food.

Pastor Search Team Training

When God calls your pastor somewhere else, it can be a trying time.  If God’s will for the pastor is to move elsewhere, then God has someone else for your church.  We offer detailed training for search teams including how to select and organize a team, how to develop a church and candidate profile, how to conduct a search, where to find candidates, how to interview them and how to narrow the process down to the man God has for your church.

Conflict Resolution

Christians are imperfect people living in an imperfect world and sometimes, conflicts come.  We offer conflict resolution to help churches get through times that they might not be able to negotiate on their own. 

Strategic Planning

Churches need to plan strategically for the future.  The surest way to miss your goals is to not have any.  We assist churches through a total re:visioning process.  We can help you develop a vision, a mission and core values along with detailed plans for accomplishing the mission.

Merger Assistance

Sometimes two or more churches may conclude that they are better together. In other words, they want to merge.  There are a variety of merger options for churches and we aid in making this bold move successfully.

Replanting or Rebranding

Ever wish your church could hit a reset button and reboot?  Well that is possible and we can help.  Perhaps it is time to start over with a clean slate.  This could mean new bylaws, new organization and maybe even a new name or location.

Legacy Church Plants

There could come a time for a church body, as is true for our human bodies, when the life cycle is fulfilled.  The church may decide it is time to create a legacy by giving its facilities to a new body that is on the other end of the life cycle.  This is called a legacy church plant. The older church may dissolve and donate its resources to a new church that will continue the mission of making disciples of Jesus in that neighborhood.  We can help with this process.

Sunday School/Small Group Training

We can provide Sunday School and small group training for your church.  Your leaders will learn how to organize to teach the Bible and reach the unreached.  They will learn how to create a ministry team, how to study the Bible, how to prepare a lesson based on their study and how to present it effectively. 

Deacon Retreats/Training

Deacons are a key part of the leadership team of every church.  We can help them become more effective through training and/or retreats.