Church planting must be a part of who we are and what we do in Greenville, North America and to the ends of the earth. If you would like to know more about the rationale for church planting in Greenville, contact Joel Thrasher at 864.242.4330 or [email protected].


Two of our current church planting partners are Alfred Johnson and The Church Without Walls, and Fred Giles with The Meeting Place.  Hispanic ministry is a strategic focus for us. We also have numerous other language congregations. To see a complete list of our church plants and partners, click here.

One of our church planting partners coming on board in 2017 is Will Broadus with Reconcile Church in the Welcome area of Greenville.


North America

One of our priorities is to take the gospel to places where access is limited or non-existent. GBA launched a partnership with Baptists in New England in 2015. Several churches are involved in Triads. Our first church planter has begun his work in Charlestown, near Boston. To learn more about the New England partnership, contact Joel Thrasher at [email protected]org or 864.242.4330.

New England Application





Access to the gospel is of critical concern in many places around the world. Our newest mission partnership is in Myanmar. We will be identifying an Unreached People Group to adopt in 2017. You will hear, or read, terms such as “10/40 window” or “UPG” or “UUPG”. Unsure of what they mean or want to know more about the partnership, contact Joel Thrasher at [email protected] or 864.242.4330

Myanmar Application