One of our basic responsibilities, as followers of Jesus, is to share his good news with others. We do that through a variety of ministries.

Deaf Day Camp

This camp is designed for deaf children and children of deaf adults.  For more information, contact Joel Thrasher at


Disaster Relief

GBA has a Flood Relief Unit. We work in cooperation with the South Carolina BaptistConvention and American Red Cross when responding to a disaster situation. We are also involved on a local level with VOAD (Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster) to better prepare churches and agencies in the event of a local disaster. Volunteers must be trained to work with a unit. Training is available through the state convention. For more information, contact Joel Thrasher at or 864-242-4330.

Local Mission Partnerships

There are a wide variety of local mission partnerships from Crisis Centers to Day Camps to Baptist Campus Ministries, and more. For a complete list of local ministries, click here.

People Groups

The world is coming to us! The International Mission Board lists the Greenville area as one of the top 100 most ethnically diverse in the nation. We currently know of almost 90 different people groups living among us. Through people mapping, demographics and more, we seek ways to identify and reach out to them with the Good News of Jesus.