May 21-28

Our Vision: Access to the gospel for everyone – starting here!

Our Mission: We create access to the gospel by REACHING the unreached, REVITALIZING churches, and REPRODUCING new churches!

The Greenville Baptist Association is made up of 115 churches who voluntarily partner together to do more than any one church can do alone.  Together, we are the Greenville Baptist Association!

You can …

  • PRAY for the work we do together as GBA using our prayer guide.
  • PROMOTE our work by talking to friends about GBA.
  • PROVIDE for our work by giving to the GLOCAL Missions Fund.

GLOCAL = GLObal Missions + LoCAL Missions

GLOCAL Missions is the work we can do together as the GBA.

We ask that you give above and beyond your regular gifts to our GBA budget through the GLOCAL Missions Fund.

(COMING SOON … 2017 Association Emphasis Week brochure and video.)



April 2017 e-Messenger