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May 21-28


Our Vision: Access to the gospel for everyone – starting here!

Our Mission: We create access to the gospel by REACHING the unreached, REVITALIZING churches, and REPRODUCING new churches!

The Greenville Baptist Association is made up of 115 churches who voluntarily partner together to do more than any one church can do alone.  Together, we are the Greenville Baptist Association!

You can …

  • PRAY for the work we do together as GBA using our prayer guide.
  • PROMOTE our work by talking to friends about GBA.
  • PROVIDE for our work by giving to the GLOCAL Missions Fund.

GLOCAL = GLObal Missions + LoCAL Missions

GLOCAL Missions is the work we can do together as the GBA.

We ask that you give above and beyond your regular gifts to our GBA budget through the GLOCAL Missions Fund.

2017 Assocation Emphasis Brochure

2017 Association Emphasis Video

Deaf Day Camp

June 5-9

One of our Unreached People Groups is the Deaf.  Pray that God will use our Deaf Day Camp to train Deaf people to be able to teach and lead their own People.  Pray also that the stories of Jesus will be understood as it is presented in their first language, ASL.


Mission Greenville

June 19-23

Mission Greenville is a student and adult construction ministry partnership between GBA, churches across the country, and local agencies.  Pray for all the pieces of the project to come together so that physical needs can be met of homeowners, and give us opportunities to share our story of faith with many people in the communities where the crews are working.  Pray for no rain, and safety of the crews.


July 29

Mark your calendar for July 29!  We are asking all the churches in our association to recruit volunteers to prayer walk every part of our county – neighborhoods, schools, police departments, fire departments, city offices, etc.  Contact our office at 864.242.4330 to discover how you and your church can participate.

Total Eclipse of the Heart

August 21

Greenville is in the direct path of a total solar eclipse that will happen on Monday, August 21.  The GBA will sponsor viewing events.  We want our churches to help us share the good news of Jesus Christ during this incredible natural event.  We won’t  experience another total solar eclipse again for another seven years!  Contact us at 864.242.4330 to find out how you can participate!

GBA Tailgate

September 4

We would like to invite the church staff and their families from each of our GBA churches to a tailgate event!  Save the date: Monday, September 4.

More information will be coming soon!

Blue in the Zoo

September 16



What is Blue in the Zoo? Greenville Baptist Association wants to express our love and appreciation to law enforcement personnel and their families with a free evening at the zoo. Law enforcement officers and their families in your congregation and community are the guests of honor. There will be fun, food, entertainment, GREAT DOOR PRIZES, and animals too!

When is the date for Blue in the Zoo? Saturday, September 16, 2017

What are the times for Blue in the Zoo? 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.

Where is the Greenville Zoo? 150 Cleveland Park Drive, Greenville 29601

How can my church help? We are asking our GBA churches to host specific stations during this event.  For a list of the stations available, contact Anna Richardson.  We also need parking lot greeters, registration personnel, and interviewers. Volunteers must be at least 16 years of age. Training for these types of volunteers will be provided. For more information about how to get involved, contact the GBA Office at 984.242.4330.

How can we advertise this event to the law enforcement officers in our church? COMING SOON: Downloadable flyers for your church to print it and distribute at their discretion.

How will tickets be handed out for this event? Closer to the Blue in the Zoo date, law enforcement personnel will pick up their free tickets from their commanding officer. Employees in precincts outside of Greenville County (Anderson, Easley, Laurens, etc.) please will contact the GBA Office for tickets.

What if it rains? We will still have this event – rain or shine. Pray for good weather!

How can my church pray for Blue in the Zoo? Pray for the law enforcement personnel and their families who will attend. Pray for the churches/volunteers who will assist in making this event a success. Pray that we will be the hands and feet of Jesus to these law enforcement officers as we show them our appreciation and support for the work they do for our communities.

Other questions? Contact Anna Richardson at the GBA. Telephone: 864.242.4330. Email: [email protected].