OUR CURRENT E-MESSENGER: September 2017 e-Messenger

Deadline: October 6, 2017

All churches should have received their Annual Church Profiles already.  Please note the deadline to have them completed is October 6.  Email Wanda Bridwell, Anna Richardson, or call the GBA Office at 864.242.4330 if you have any questions.

Make plans to join us Thursday, October 26 at Standing Springs Church for our GBA Annual Meeting.  Registration will begin at 6:45 p.m.  Come hear how God has blessed us this year as we strive to reach the unreached, revitalize churches, and reproduce new churches!

Hurricanes Harvey & Irma

Disaster Relief Response


How can you help the disaster relief efforts underway?

Donation suggestions are:

*  South Carolina Baptist Convention will use the funds to directly assist victims in the region. Click here to donate.

* The GBA will use funds to assist the victims in the communities where our Disaster Relief unit will be deployed.  Please send checks to: 220 Howe Street, Greenville 29601 (Attn: Disaster Relief)

2017 Prisoner Packets

(1) Black stick pen (no retractables, no wire clips, no other colors)

(1) Writing Tablet 5″x8″ (no wire bound or composition books)

(5) First Class #10 stamp embossed envelopes (no regular stamps)

(1) Adult toothbrush (factory sealed, no mulitpacks)

(1) 4 oz. – 6 oz. toothpaste (no travel size)

(1) 3.2 oz. – 6 oz. bar of soap (no travel size, no unwrapped/unboxed bars)

(2) rolls of hard candy like LifeSavers/BreathSavers/Mentos (no Smarties, Sweetarts, Necco Wafers, Rolos, Starbursts, TicTacs)

(1) gallon size zipper bag

All items must fit inside the gallon zipper bag with zipper closed securely.

Any items that do not meet the above specifications cannot be used and will be removed from Prisoner Packets.