A Conversation

The Gospel, Race & Justice: A Conversation

This event was held on July 12, 2020 at Rocky Creek Baptist Church.  Our current SC Baptist Convention President Josh Powell, President-Elect GBA Pastor Alex Sands, and GBA Church Planter Will Broadus led this meaningful discussion about our history, the recent protests, and what we where we can go from here in a spirit of unity.

Watch the July 12 Recording

Please note that some of these resources, such as books by Kendi and Diangelo, are not written from a Christian worldview but are included here as a means of better communicating the issues of race.

GBA does not endorse any view that is not biblical.  The Bible is sufficient to address any issue but there are resources that help us understand where our culture is and how to create access to the gospel more effectively.

Race and Justice Resources

Our Pastors Small Groups will read and discuss the book, Removing the Stain of Racism from the Southern Baptist Convention.  To participate, please click the link below:

Fall 2020 Pastors Small Group Registration